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Participation to the 2nd Humpback Whale World Congress (HWWC) on Reunion Island

From the 3rd to the 7th of july, France hosted the second Humpback Whales World Congress (HWWC) on the Reunion Island gathering scientists from all dream locations where this mammal can be observed. A great success after the 2015s’ edition which already attracted renowned specialists as Louis Herman to Sainte-Marie island (Madagascar). Humpback is probably the most studied of whales because of its incredible breaches and its worldwide repartition. Since the 2000s, they are observed every year off the Reunion’s coasts creating a new opportunity for tourism development. That didn’t escape to the president of Reunion Island, Didier Robert during the opening ceremony. Migration, communication, breeding behaviour, genetics, physiology but also socio-economic impact of whales were discussed one week long in the Stella Matutina museum (Saint-Leu) in front of a passionate public of scientists, visitors or students; a unique opportunity for European Marine Information to take part to the scientific advancement with a poster presentation about satellite remote sensing and acoustic methods. This was also a chance to learn about humpbacks’ way of life. Did you know that bigger humpbacks were more appealing than others for their partners? Or that a population in Arabian Sea stop to migrate 70 000 years ago?

If you are passionate by whales, submit your abstract for HWWC 2020 and let’s meet in Canada for the 3rd edition! Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to comment on our facebook post if you want to know more about this astonishing animal.

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